Sheetal Parmar

Sheetal is a registered Physiotherapist (Registration Number: PHY0001240038) with more than 12 years of private practice and hands-on experience in Sydney. She has worked in wide range of environments including busy nursing homes and private sports practice. She has special interest in women’s health issues and experience in treatment of Senior Australians, children and youth, office workers as well as those who just want to stay healthy and active. She passionately provides evidence-based pain management and rehabilitation for the patients.
Sheetal is highly experienced in managing a range of conditions across a variety of work and lifestyles. From sports people to seniors, she assesses each person individually, understanding not only their condition, but lifestyle needs and desires. She structures a recovery regime that will get you back to doing what you want as quickly as possible. Whether you are suffering from pain, movement restriction, recovering from surgery or general rehabilitation, our physiotherapist will work with you on a tailored one-on-one program.
Sheetal is caring and enthusiastic physiotherapist with strong interpersonal skills and proficiency in patient assessment, time management and therapy-program design and execution. Dedicated to achieving superior patient outcomes with extensive knowledge of sports injuries and therapy.
Sheetal is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association since 2018. She continually upgrades her professional knowledge and skills to ensure the contribution she makes to the healthcare is of the highest standard.
Sheetal has been successfully running her own private physiotherapy practice, Essential Care Physiotherapy in Strathfield since August 2017 (52 Redmyre Road, Strathfield NSW 2135, 02 9746 5486), where she is helping the patients recover from injury, manage pain and offers rehabilitation. She offers physiotherapy services at her private practice and at home for elderly and patients with disability.
Sheetal has also been working in the aged care sector since 2015 in various Aged Care and Nursing Home facilities in Strathfield and Ashfield catchment. She is experienced in undertaking comprehensive assessments, providing tailored and individualised support and running exercise classes for the elderly with the goal of maintaining and improving mobility, pain management, preventing falls, reducing/minimising harm from falls, optimising comfort, improved functioning, independence in activities of daily living, maintaining and improving continence, improving functioning and behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.



This is a very good family physician boutique Medical centre. All facilities are available under one roof. Cleanliness,quality of food and diet, infrastructure and everything is upto the mark. The staff is also very prompt to the patient's needs.I would recommend everyone to visit this healthcare centre for emergency needs.

Hi all, I was facing negative intrusive thoughts as a recurring pattern during the current lockdown and was quite distressed for the same, I thought it would go away on its own till the time it became quite disturbing, so I decided to seek help from a professional. There is a social stigma attached to mental health. I am thankful to the counsellor for being such a patient and a fantastic listener, and understanding the exact reasons and providing the right solutions. They know their subject really well, which in turn helped me to understand my mind. Thanks again and I wish the very best to SMC in healing people.

Awesome experience. Thorough professional, qualified and experienced physiotherapist. Gives personal attention to all the patients. Analyses the root cause of the problem and cure it with utmost efficiency. He is well equipped with all the modern equipment. Would suggest people to visit in case they want to advise a physiotherapist. Charges are also reasonable compared to treatment I got from other Clinics. Nice experience. Value for money.

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